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Welcome to Messenger Pro Plus, an advanced social messaging application meticulously crafted by a former Senior iOS Engineer at Meta. Built completely with SwiftUI, this new Pro Plus version comes packed with a plethora of new features, improvements, and optimizations over the previous version, Messenger Pro


It comes equipped with everything you need to ship straight to the AppStore to handle millions of users. 


We also provide you with a free setup call to help get your app up and running, and customized to meet your needs. 


* Disclaimer * 

This entire feature set is included in Instagram Pro Plus


Advanced Direct Messaging

  • Communicate with friends in real time with our new and improved threading architecture. This reduces backend costs by over 50% and drastically improves performance 
  • Send image messages to friends (video messaging coming soon)
  • Pagination of messages for optimized performance and speed
  • Track message delivery and read statuses in real time for improved communication.
  • View your unread messages and receive notifications when new ones come in. 
  • Access messages offline and reduce database reads with caching capabilities
  • Manage your inbox with the ability to delete conversations
  • * Group chats coming soon (will result in price increase) *


    Account Blocking/Restriction

    ** This is a requirement for AppStore submission. ** 

    • Easily block unwanted users from accessing your profile or interacting with you. They'll no longer appear in searches, and they won't be able to send you messages
    • Conveniently manage your blocked users list and unblock them directly from the settings page. 
    • Report inappropriate posts or users directly from the app.


    Push Notifications

    • Receive real-time push notifications when other users on the app message you
    • Manage notification settings from the app


    Unit Tests

    • Unit tested components to ensure things are working as expected



    • Full authentication suite with Firebase as the backend
    • Customizable login and sigup pages
    • Seamlessly delete your account if needed. 
    • Effortlessly add your own terms of service and privacy policy. Users can view and agree to them before signing up, and review them from settings page. 
    • Improved error handling for an enhanced registration and login process. 
    • Visual loading indicators for sign-up completion and login processes.


    User Profile

    • Explore user profiles from the chat details screen
    • Block and report users from the user profile


    Empty States

    • Manage empty states across various sections of the app for a smoother user experience. Users should never see a blank screen, and we make sure of that. 


    Full Dark Mode Support 

    • Enjoy a visually comfortable experience with full dark mode support throughout the application

    Messenger Pro Plus

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