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Cryptocurrency iOS Application that displays real-time price data. This also includes an incredible custom portfolio features that allows you to keep track of all the coins in your wallet. Full feature list below:



  • Built with SwiftUI/Combine 
  • Displays real-time cryptocurrency pricing data 
  • Dark mode support
  • Portfolio Feature: 
    • Buy/sell coins 
    • Displays net portfolio change over time 
    • Diplays current portfolio value 
    • Saves all transactions
    • Transaction details
    • View net profit/loss for each coin you own
    • View average price of each coin you own
    • Delete transactions
  • Prices  automatically refresh so you always have most up to date information
  • View coin details 
    • Graph of price over time 
    • Market cap/rank/volume/24h highs and lows
  • Displays top moving coins in real time
  • Settings page 
  • Integrated backend (Firestore) to store data 
  • User authentication with Firebase 
  • Coin list is searchable 


SwiftCoin | SwiftUI Crypto App

  • Github Access: 

    If you are subscribed with a Gold or Platinum membership, message me for access to the Github repository. This grants you lifetime access to all updates and bug fixes made in the future. 


    Contact me for licensing and the ability to use this code in a production app

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