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Life Time Access: 

After your purchase, message or email me your github username to gain life time access to the repo. This includes access to feature updates, bug fixes, and performance imporvements! 


Feature List: 


  • Authentication 
    • Firebase
    • Google 
    • Facebook (coming soon)
  • App is customized for different user types 
    • Passenger 
    • Driver 
  • Interactive map view 
  • Display drivers on map
  • Utilizes geolocation to load drivers near user location for optimal performance 
    • Customizable radius 
  • Driver locations update on map in real time
  • Requesting trips
    • Passengers can request rides from registered drivers on the app
    • Location search auto completion 
    • Saved locations 
    • Trip request system sorted by closest driver to user requesting trip using geolocation
    • Different ride types with custom pricing model (UberX, UberXL, UberBlack) 
    • Drivers can either accept or reject trip requests 
    • Drivers can enable an active status to receive ride requests or go offline
  • Trips 
    • User is notified when driver arrives using geolocation 
    • Custom views for every stage of the trip for both passengers and driver 
    • Trip can be cancelled by either driver or passengers 
    • Trip rating system (coming soon)
    • Users can view trip history 
  • Custom side menu 
  • Settings page 
    • Add saved locations 
    • Edit profile 
    • Register as driver 
    • Sign out 
  • Drivers Registration flow
    • Users are able to register as a driver within the app
    • Upload profile picture
    • Upload vehicle
  • Drivers can view earnings (coming soon)

Uber SwiftUI Pro

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