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Welcome to Instagram Pro Plus, an advanced social media application meticulously crafted by a former Senior iOS Engineer at Meta. Built completely with SwiftUI, this new Pro Plus version comes packed with a plethora of new features, improvements, and optimizations over the previous version, Instagram Pro 2.0.


It comes equipped with everything you need to ship straight to the AppStore to handle millions of users. 


We also provide you with a free setup call to help get your app up and running, and customized to meet your needs. 


New Features


Push Notifications & In App Notifications

  • Receive real-time push notifications for messages and various activities on your account, including likes, comments, and new followers. This is all managed through Firebase Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notifications 
  • Manage in app notifications efficiently with pagination, asynchronous fetching and refresh capability.


Account Block/Restriction

** This is a requirement for AppStore submission. ** 

  • Easily block unwanted users from accessing your profile or interacting with your content. They'll no longer appear in searches, and you won’t see any of their content. 
  • Conveniently manage your blocked users list and unblock them directly from the new settings page. 
  • Report inappropriate posts or users directly from the app.


Direct Messaging

  • Communicate with friends and followers using direct messaging with an improved threading architecture. This reduces backend costs by over 50% and drastically improves performance 
  • Track message delivery and read statuses in real time for improved communication. View your unread messages and receive notifications when new ones come in. 
  • Access messages offline and reduce database reads with caching capabilities


Home Feed

  • Explore posts from people that you follow with an improved home feed interface.
  • Like, save, comment and interact with posts seamlessly.
  • Enjoy improved performance with caching and pagination features.
  • First time users will be greeted with suggested followers to help them get started and increase interaction. This is done with a beautiful scroll view for an amazing UX


Private Accounts

  •  Manage privacy settings and control who can view your posts.
  • Approve or reject follow requests from the new Follow Requests queue.
  • Communicate securely with approved followers.



  • Seamlessly delete your account if needed. 
  • Effortlessly add your own terms of service and privacy policy. Users can view and agree to them before signing up, and review them from settings page. 
  • Improved error handling for an enhanced registration and login process. 
  • Visual loading indicators for sign-up completion and login processes.
  • Validate email addresses and usernames during registration to prevent duplicates. 


User Profile

  • Explore user profiles with clickable posts for easy navigation.
  • View posts in a grid layout for a visually pleasing experience.
  • Clicking on a user post will launch a profile feed to seamlessly scroll through all the users post 
  • Block and report users from the user profile with new action sheet
  • Benefit from improved performance with pagination of posts, caching follow status and more. 


Saved Posts

  •  Save your favorite posts for later viewing and organize them effortlessly.
  •  Access saved posts with ease from your profile in the new settings page. 
  • Cache saved posts to help reduce database costs and improve app speed. 


Settings Page

  • Enjoy a brand new user settings page where you can manage your app settings and personal data
  • Personalize your Instagram experience with account privacy settings and preferences.
  • View and manage a list of blocked accounts directly from the settings.
  • Easily logout or delete your account with confirmation prompts.
  • Allow users to view your apps Terms & Conditions from the settings page easily.


Empty States

  • Manage empty states across various sections of the app for a smoother user experience. Users should never see a blank screen, and we make sure of that. 


Full Dark Mode Support 

  • Enjoy a visually comfortable experience with full dark mode support throughout the application




    Performance Enhancements


    Optimized Pagination

    • Enjoy faster performance with optimized pagination across various sections of the app like the home feed, user profile, user lists and more.

    Efficient Cloud Functions

    • We use cloud functions to minimize expensive processes on the front end to maximize app efficiency, speed, and improve battery life and data consumption

    Smart Caching

    • Cache important data for offline access and improved performance.
    • Benefit from cached followers, likes, saved posts, users and more for a drastic performance improvement and massive reduction in database costs. 

    Modular Design / SOLID Principles

    • A complete refactor of the project architecture following SOLID principles and Test Driven Development for improved maintainability and scalability. 


    Instagram ProPlus

    • We are committed to helping you get the most out of Instagram Pro Plus. For personalized assistance with setting up and running the app, we offer free Zoom calls with our lead developer Stephan. Simply reach out to us here to schedule your session after purchasing the app. 


      We will go answer any questions you have about new features, performance improvements, and changes made to the code from the previous version. We will also go over how to make the necessary changes to your app to give it your own personal touch and flavor. 

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