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Introducing ProPlus 

Welcome to the next level of app development with our Pro Plus tier. Designed for developers and entrepreneurs who demand the best, Pro Plus offers a suite of new and improved features that take your app experience to new heights.


Crafted by a former Senior iOS Engineer at Meta, these production-ready apps are meticulously engineered to handle millions of users, ensuring scalability and reliability.

Each ProPlus App comes with a free setup call, and includes lifetime access to future updates, enhancements and fixes. 

Pro Plus Apps not included with memberships

ProPlus vs Pro


Production Ready: ProPlus apps are ready to support millions of users. Capable of handling increased traffic and growing user demand without compromising performance or reliability

Advanced Feature Set: Offers an expanded feature set that is built to scale. Includes comprehensive components to enhance the overall user experience

Enhanced Performance: Optimized performance with techniques such as pagination, caching, server side functions and more advanced code architecture

Reduced Database Costs: Incorporates optimized database architecture and code structure designed to reduce operational costs

AppStore Readiness: Ready to ship to the AppStore, with all necessary configurations and requirements. Compliant with App Store guidelines and standards, facilitating smoother submission and approval process. 

Support: Enhanced support services, including a free setup call. Provides direct access to Stephan the CEO who can offer personalized assistance and guidance. 


Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Pro versions are great for MVPs. May encounter challenges when scaling up to accommodate a growing user base.

Basic Feature Set Provides a basic set of features essential for the apps functionality. Delivers core capabilities for minimum requirements

Performance:  Basic performance optimization aimed at ensuring basic functionality and usability. May lack advanced optimization techniques for handling large datasets and high traffic. 

Database Costs Basic database architecture and code structure may not be optimized for cost efficiency or scalability 

AppStore:  Requires additional setup and refinement before being ready for AppStore submission. May need to address certain requirements and guidelines imposed by Apple 

Support:  Standard support available through documentation and email.

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