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SwiftUI Messenger Pro is the ideal production ready chat application for your business. Built completely with SwiftUI, this app offers a modern, easy to use interface that allows you to customize your chat experience. It can be injected into any project that needs a chat feature, or serve as a stand alone messaging app. 

Its robust features and high performance make it the perfect tool for creating secure and reliable messaging solutions for your company. With SwiftUI Messenger Pro, you can quickly and easily build a reliable chat application that meets all of your business needs.



  • Completely built with SwiftUI 
  • Fully functioning real time chat functionality
  • Authentication (Log in, Sign up, Log out)
  • Authentication error handling 
  • Users can upload profile images 
  • Swipe to delete chats
  • Image messaging 
  • Link previews in messages
  • Shows unread messages in inbox 
  • Built with async/await 
  • Firebase Firestore as backend 
  • Timestamps for messages 




  • All you need to do is setup your own firebase project, and drop the GoogleService-Info.plist file into your xcodeproject. Video tutorial on how to do so coming soon!

SwiftUI Messenger Pro

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